Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions

Papers and books spread out on a desk. On top a piece of black paper says mergers & acquisitions written in white chalk.

If you’ve been keeping up with us here at Money Mastery LLC, then you know we offer a variety of advisory accounting services for small to medium sized businesses. Among these services are financial reporting, capital fundraising, advanced job costing, and - last but not least - accounting for mergers and acquisitions.

Being a business owner isn’t easy; there’s a lot of stress that comes along with running a company and having to worry about all of your finances while thinking about day-to-day business dealings. But consider this: what if your business ever has to deal with a merger or acquisition? There’s definitely a lot more stress that comes long with those situations, but never fear! Money Mastery is here with our accounting services for mergers and acquisitions to help ease the headache.

What are Mergers and Acquisitions?

If you’re not familiar with the term, mergers and acquisitions, it’s okay! Here’s the lowdown of what we’re talking about. According to our friends at Investopedia, mergers and acquisitions is a “general term that describes the consolidation of companies or assets through various types of financial transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, tender sales, purchase of assets, and management acquisitions.” Thanks, Investopedia.

To break it down even further, when a company buys another company completely outright, that’s considered an acquisition.

On the other hand, when two companies combine to form a new legal entity under one name, that’s considered a merger. 

Benefits of Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions

If running a small or medium sized business doesn’t keep you busy enough, keeping track of your finances during a merger, acquisition, or business sale will surely rock your world. We’re not saying it’s impossible to do on your own, but it’s certainly a notable feat to take on while you’ve got so much else on your plate.

Instead of trying to keep everything straight, hiring a professional accountant for your merger or acquisition is the way to go. Money Mastery is a highly-knowledgeable and experienced business accountant that is proud to provide financial planning services for mergers, acquisitions, and business sales for small to medium sized companies. 

Want to know how we can help you? Contact Money Mastery LLC today to start your financial journey!

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