Tax Planning and Preparation

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If you own a business and only hear from your accountant when it’s near a tax filing deadline, you and your livelihood are being neglected by the professional you should be able to count on.

Does your accountant just send you a copy of your tax return and a bill for services with no advice?

Do you owe a substantial amount of tax year after year with no explanation? Worse yet, does your tax bill keep going up?

Are your tax returns being extended without pre-payments and you get hit with wasted interest and fees?

Tax planning services are meant to minimize the tax liability of your business. This takes careful planning with a professional or a team of professionals (such as Money Mastery LLC) throughout the tax year, not right before the due date. Our team stays up to date with local and federal tax laws to legally minimize the amount of taxes your business owes and help you avoid problems with compliance and audits. This is not the same as tax preparation, which is simply documenting your tax return to submit to the IRS.

By working with Money Mastery LLC, you will be able to prepare for business taxes and likely qualify for a variety of tax credits and deductions, keeping more cash in your business.

Since tax laws change frequently, it is important to work with a tax professional throughout each year. To keep your business afloat, it’s important to budget and avoid spending more than you earn. Planning your business taxes can keep you from spending more on taxes than necessary.

We offer monthly packages that combine advisory, management, and tax planning services. With Money Mastery LLC, your can finally plan, prepare and pivot!

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