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You may believe you are immune from financial fraud and theft, but the truth is it can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. If you find yourself victim to any crime involving your finances, Money Mastery LLC is here to help! Our forensic accountants are trained to assist you with expertise, understanding, and compassion. 

What is a forensic accountant and why do I need one?

A forensic accountant investigates suspicious fraudulent activity and often testifies in court on the victim’s behalf as an expert witness. We know the tricks and data patterns used by criminals to keep financial fraud and theft hidden from the untrained eye. Don’t make the mistake of going it alone and gambling with a huge financial loss. 

What services does Money Mastery LLC assist with?

Money Mastery LLC offers a broad range of services to assist with your unique financial fraud and theft case. The penalty for these crimes ranges from simple repayment to years in prison. There are many motives for committing financial fraud and theft including personal financial gain or to keep a company from failing. If your business is being wrongly accused of any financial crime, or if you are an investor who was scammed, contact us so we can start assisting you with your case today! 

  • Falsification of Financial Statements occurs when a business knowingly and intentionally falsifies its financial records to overstate how much money it is making, understate the business expenses, or misstate its assets and liabilities.

  • Securities Fraud involves a range of fraudulent activities in the stock market and may include falsification of financial documents. Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes are also considered securities fraud. It is easy to be seduced into believing you can make a quick buck, but hard to undo on your own.     

  • Tax Fraud is a form of “falsification of financial statements” and is defined as willfully and intentionally submitting false documents on a tax return or other tax form. The IRS looks for these certain conditions: underreporting income, using a false Social Security number, and intentionally failing to pay taxes. You can still be found guilty of tax fraud if it is a simple mistake in filing. While considered a less serious crime than tax evasion, the penalty is steep and it is wise to call our team to assist you. 

  • Tax Evasion is often confused with tax avoidance. The difference is that tax evasion is illegal. Tax evasion is purposefully avoiding being assessed for certain taxes (i.e hiding a source of cash-only income or not filing an off-shore account) or evading paying a certain tax (i.e destroying records or holding property in another person’s name). Like tax fraud, the court has to prove that it was your willful intent to evade paying a certain tax. However, even an honest mistake can lead to serious consequences. 

  • Money Laundering is used to make money earned illegally seem as if it comes from a legal source of income. Spreading this illegal money into different bank accounts, creating counterfeit money, and a variety of currency exchanges can be defined as money laundering. We can help you navigate through anti-money laundering laws so your business is in compliance. 

  • Mortgage and Loan Fraud can be committed by borrowers and lenders. There are many types of mortgage and loan fraud, but they all end with stealing cash, equity, or property from lenders or homeowners. Let us help you keep your property safe from loan sharks.

  • Credit Card Fraud is a form of identity theft where a credit or debit card is used to purchase goods and services without the account holder’s permission. Quickly catching unauthorized charges to your account is key to full financial recovery.  

  • Healthcare Fraud is where a victim is overcharged for services rendered, tricked into paying for a service that was not medically necessary, or billed for services that were not rendered at all. We have the expertise to investigate medical records and make your finances well again. 

  • Identity Theft is when a criminal steals your personal information to commit any of the above listed financial fraud crimes, usually without your knowledge. Our team can track down the thief and anywhere your identity was used without authorization.

  • Computer Forensics and E-discovery are two distinct services that work hand in hand to legally recover digital evidence that can help you prove your side in a financial fraud and theft case. Our services include database, email, and malware forensics. 

What is my next step?

Fraud criminals want you to believe that nothing can be done to recover your hard-earned money. Money Mastery LLC will prove them wrong and help make things right for you! Our North Carolina-based team is proud to offer our services nationwide. Contact us here or call us at 833-MASTER-5 to get started today!

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