Money Mastery is One of the Best Forensic Accounting Companies that Offers Services for Legal Disputes

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Did you know that Money Mastery LLC is one of the best forensic accounting companies in the United States? That’s right - and it’s because our business consulting and speciality accounting firm offers a variety of forensics services. These services include insurance, financial fraud & theft, internal corporate compliance, and legal disputes. 

What is Forensic Accounting for Legal Disputes?

If you haven’t read any of our previous blog posts and aren’t familiar with the idea of forensic accounting, let’s have a quick refresher. Forensic accounting deals with the use of auditing and investigative skills while conducting an examination into the finances of a business or an individual. 

Because accountants with forensic backgrounds are highly skilled and trusted, an analysis done by such an accountant is considered suitable to be used in legal proceedings. When it comes to legal disputes, Money Mastery is one of the forensic accounting companies that offers services to help with situations such as fraud and embezzlement cases.

However, our legal disputes services are also available to aid with civil court matters such as:

•Child support cases

•Alimony  cases

•Valuation of probate assets

•Hidden assets in estates

•Divorce cases


•Disputes with business valuations

•Claims from construction damages

•Breach of warranty

•and more!

Other Services

Of course, forensic services for legal disputes is just one of the many offerings from Money Mastery, LLC. In addition, we offer advisory services (financial reporting, capital fundraising, advanced job costing, mergers and acquisitions) and management services (support for QuickBooks, accounting training, business insurance, planning, and operations).

All of our services are designed with each client in mind. We’ll work closely with your small or medium sized business in order to objectively track business performance so that you can get your finances back on track. 

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