Accounts Receivable Services for Small Businesses

A woman sitting at the corner of a white table using a laptop. The table has an overlay graphic of several accounting-related terms on top.

Money Mastery LLC has plenty of professional accounting advice for small businesses. We offer a variety of financial services to our clients from virtual controllers to detecting financial fraud within a business. Whether you are a current client or a new business, our accounts receivable services will keep your cash flow positive and take stress from your shoulders. 

What is accounts receivable and why does it matter?

Accounts receivable is the money that customers owe, but have not yet paid for. This is listed as “current assets” on your company’s balance sheet. However, if you do not have a professional to invoice customers and ensure payment, your balance sheet will be inaccurate. Your business risks delinquent accounts and a negative cash flow. 

What does our accounts receivable service look like?

Our accounts receivable training will teach you how to verify, record, and update customer payments using QuickBooks Online. You can quickly create invoices, receive payments, and track sales tax all in a few clicks from your mobile device.

Our team will also calculate your turnover ratio, or how quickly your customers pay and your account receivables convert to cash. 

Are you looking for a professional to teach you how to increase your cash flow? Do you need financial advice from a group with experience? Contact Money Mastery LLC for all of your small business accounting needs!

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